Friday, 4 July 2014

Our First Year

As we look back on Year One “Living our Dream”, we shout loud and clear, “This is a fabulous Lifestyle!” We have thoroughly enjoyed our new home and our travels through sun and rain, fog and clear blue skies, warm – even hot- days and cool to cold nights. We have travelled from hills to Prairies, from rocky shores and beaches to mountains and desert.
What we have learned:
·       People everywhere are wonderful
·       Water is the defining factor of RVing
·       Always keep half a tank of fresh water
·       Look for State/Provincial/County campgrounds and ask about potable water
·       Turn water off at outside tap when you go out for a day, or if temperature is going to be below freezing at night
·       You really do need 3-seasons clothing, and layers
·       Before travelling check that all cupboards are securely closed
·       Everything has a place, and has to be returned to it
·       We don’t need 6 sauces for meats
·       In Arizona and California during  January and February, even if it is 80 degrees during the day, have a jacket ready when the sun goes down and the temperature plummets quickly
·       It is OK to walk around the French Quarter in New Orleans with any beverage - as long as it is NOT in a glass container.
·       Spring Break in the south US lasts for 6 weeks between California and Florida, and coastal campsites are hard to find
·       There are not many rest stops on some US Freeways, and no restaurants or gas stations
·       You can boondock at Flying J and Pilot gas stations, Casinos and most Walmarts [just check]
·       With iPad and internet access to libraries, we don’t need too many real books
·       Well-behaved children are great fun to watch in a campground
·       Shop at Total Wines where possible for all your alcohol, from all wines to craft beers to liquors and liqueurs.

What We Miss:
·       Fresh-squeezed orange juice from Longo’s and Galati
·       Our specialty foods from Galati’s and McEwan

What We Regret:
·       NOTHING!

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